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I am a bodyworker (NCLMBT #13426) and somatic educator. I work individually with people on their path of self-discovery. 


work With Me


Megan Bowser, LMBT
(NCLMBT #13426)

Radical Healing
2009 Chapel Hill Road, Durham NC


Listen to your experience.
move with more ease, acceptance, and compassion.
Live in the wild wisdom of your body.


Summer Massage Special

Relaxation may be one of the most appropriate responses to our stress, our lack of clarity, and the daily pain of living within a culture plagued by aggression, white supremacy, and capitalism. We don’t need to do more. We need to be more present to this moment. Relaxation can be a portal to freedom. In the words of The Nap Ministry, “Rest is a form or resistance.”

Explore relaxation this summer and support rest in your daily life with a massage. I’m offering special 60 minute sessions, June 21 through September 23. For $60, your time will include a brief guided meditation practice and full body relaxation massage. This Classical Swedish massage is designed to promote relaxation by relieving muscle tension, increasing circulation, boosting your immune system, and ultimately supporting your resilience in daily life. Schedule your appointment or give the gift of relaxation to a dear one.

If this offering feels supportive to you but $60 is beyond your means this summer, I do offer a few sliding scale sessions each month. Please ask for what you need.

I believe healing wisdom lives inside us.

I work individually with people seeking more integration in their daily lives. Each integrative bodywork session is designed to bring more curiosity and gentle attention to your direct, felt experience through deep relaxation.


Integration of mind, body and spirit is at the heart of somatic practice and the way I approach bodywork. Honoring the whole person in a bodywork session looks like holding our physical experience as a way to access and shape our much larger story. As more of our experience is welcomed it becomes more possible for us to live full, resilient lives and align our actions in the world.


My bodywork practice is informed by deep listening, somatic practices, biodynamic cardiovascular therapy, myofascial massage, reiki, and meditation. I bring my whole experience to each session, combining the energetic and somatic, stillness and movement, through a gentle yet deeply specific approach to massage.


The ease we find in relaxation can expand out into our lives, creating lasting change and strengthening our resilience.   


What to expect


Share the gift of rest. Send a gift certificate for a bodywork session to someone in your life.



Let's slow down together.

Session Details

Integrative bodywork sessions include a mindfulness or somatic practice, intention setting, physical assessment, and hands-on bodywork. Each session ends with space for observation and reflection.


Your first session will include an extra 15 minutes, at no cost to you, for initial intake paperwork and conversation. Once your appointment is scheduled I will send you all the information you need.



Pricing & LOCATION

All bodywork sessions are priced by the length of the appointment:


$80 FOR 60MIN

$120 FOR 90MIN

$160 FOR 120MIN

Shorter session times, packages, and general price negotiations are available upon request. Please ask for what you need.


Payment is due in full at the time of your appointment. Change or cancellation of your appointment must be made a minimum of 24hrs in advance.


I share practice space in Radical Healing, 2009 Chapel Hill Road, Durham NC. My main office is only accessible by stairs on the second floor. If ground floor accessibility is a need, different accommodations will be made either within Radical Healing or at an alternate location.