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Your questions, not your answer


My body is not a question,

but you turn each part of me into one,

then another, and another.


who, you aren’t asking me.

You form answers to the questions you make from my body.

You form them on your lips,

You form answers,

for yourself

when you walk toward or away from me.

when you tilt your head

when your mind fills with your own stories

those you made.


You are asking me,

thinking we are speaking,

still in conversation like the flow of

our blood, resonant


You are asking



Are your questions big enough

when my body is the answer.

31poemsMegan Jones

To be both and,


To be holding releasing,


Say this is more than

two variables coming together,

addition like that makes

an absence or

an infinite possibility out of

what was

to make what is or will be,

to make this,

this one.

To be a spiral, holding both no beginning and end,

and all the beginnings and ends.

And you and I together

aren’t one.

And we are.


Agreeing, believing we are agreeing

seeing, reflecting.

Becoming part of one,

Our hearts shaping each other, as one.

To be unbound.

Is that the same as free?

31poemsMegan Jones
I want movement

I have felt you with all of me.

Now all I want is inside me,


I want

movement, I want

my own blood, autonomous. I want

To take my breath away, be new.

To feel my gravity,

out from under your gaze.

I want out.

—I want movement.

Everything moves.

I am movement. Remember.

31poemsMegan Jones