Summer Relaxation

My intention for this summer is to rest and relax more. Relaxation may be one of the most appropriate responses to our stress, our lack of clarity, and the daily pain of living within a culture plagued by aggression, white supremacy, and capitalism. We don’t need to do more. We need to be more present to this moment. Relaxation can be a portal to freedom. In the words of The Nap Ministry, “Rest is a form or resistance.”

So to celebrate the season I’m offering special 60 minute massage sessions, now through September 23.For $60, your time will include a guided meditation practice and full body relaxation massage.

Schedule your appointment and share this with a dear one!

What To Expect:

These summer special sessions are for 60mins only, are primarily Classical Swedish (full body relaxation massage with oil), and will only be offered now through September 23. Classical Swedish massage is designed to promote relaxation by relieving muscle tension, increasing circulation, boosting your immune system, and ultimately supporting your resilience in daily life. This massage utilizes massage oil for light to medium pressure, and includes movement of joints/stretches when appropriate. You will always be asked if there are areas you do not want contacted and can always opt out of contact at any point during the massage.

If this offering feels supportive to you but $60 is beyond your means this summer, I do offer a few sliding scale sessions each month. Please ask for what you need.

And I’m still offering integrative session during this time. So if you’re looking for more in-depth embodiment support, somatic meditation work, or a longer session time, scheduling that option is still available for you.

Where are you finding or learning relaxation in your daily life? What summer intentions do you have that are nourishing or fueling for your life? I'd love to hear from you!

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